Howdy… So what’s all this about then?

Finding a running event can be a real chore. Endless clicks from website to website and then back to your Google search to find an event. Even then you won’t know if the race is suited to your needs. is here to ease the heavy lifting of finding events. We have a directory of events, which thanks to our contributors (you) is growing all of the time. Here’s how it works.


Step 1 - Find an EventStep 1 – Find an Event:

Use our search or simply browse events by category to find information, reviews and links to events. We have categorised events to make it easier if you want to review the full list, or alternatively use the search feature to find your next run.

You can see information and reviews about each event. Then, If you’d like to sign up we’ve included a link to the event organiser’s site. We give each event a rating so you know what to expect.



Step 2 – Go run the event:Go run the event

Go run the race, take some photos and form some opinions. Was the race well organised? Well marshalled? Were there toilets? Was the course as described by the organisers? Take note of anything that will help other runners in the future and get ready to share your opinion!




Write a ReviewStep 3: Tell us about it:

Now that you’ve run the race, it’s time to tell other runners by registering an account with us and post your experiences. Finish off with an overall review of the event. You can leave a review by posting a comment against the event. Remember to give it a rating out of 5 stars! We’ll take a look at the review and publish it so that other runners can benefit from your experiences. It’s as simple as that!



What next?

Head to our registration form to become a member now to start sharing your experiences of events. Feel free to get in touch using our contact form. Happy searching, and happy running!

If you’d like to add your event, please use this form to get in touch.